What’s in my bag

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s blog … Now as Spring has finally approached us it’s usually the time to start clearing out them closets. Ooooh exciting, does anyone else get excited about sorting through all your stuff to see what you can find?? .. So every time this time of year approaches I make a list of things to do, I absolutely love a list and make a list for everything 🤓. I love being able to see what I need to do and tick it along the way… So on my list today I have ..

*sort through bags.  *sort through clothes (chuck anything you don’t wear).  *change winter clothes over to summer clothes (I don’t know if anyone else does this but I have a habit of boxing my Autumn/winter clothes up and putting them in my storage cupboard while I have my Spring/summer bits out) this way I have an excuse to go shopping because not all my draws and wardrobe space is full up 😛

So seems as I am awful for changing my bags and never clearing out the most recent one used, I just tend to stick it back on my bag stand full of rubbish and bits that I probably need (I do always wonder where some of my things disappear to). So top of my list is to sort through all them bags, so my most recent bag I have been using for just over a week now and I made a new rule this time no rubbish in there, I have a pet hate for receipts and change 😫 my change usually goes straight in my daughters purse and the receipts I don’t ever take unless it’s a very expensive item that I may need to have a warranty for or if them annoying self service machine insist on giving me one..

So this weeks bag is one of my favourites, it’s a khaki colour with rose gold on… Eek two of my favourites colours, I purchased this bag from a website called Jd William’s from the brand range lipsy for £45. This was a recent purchase around 3 weeks ago so if you like the look of it check out the website. So here’s the scary part, time to empty this bag out 😱

So far so good, looking like I’ve kept to my rule and not put any rubbish in there, whenever I empty my bags I suddenly feel like Mary poppins when I notice the amount I manage to squeeze into my small bags. No wonder my arms ache after a day of shopping…  So in my bag today I am currently carrying

* make up bag – this was purchased from primark awhile ago so not sure if it’s still available but I love it

* headphones – my current headphones are from my old iPhone

* purse – was brought as a gift

* sunglasses and case – my shades were a gift also and my case I brought from river island for £8 last summer they do have some very similar in store at the moment

* Gucci bamboo body spray – perfume shop £31 100ml

* Keys for my world & keys to sneak in my mummy’s home (your never to old to go relax at your mums home, it always remind me of when I was younger)

* Notepad – love it!!! Purchased from tesco last week for £2.50

* Chewing gum – Always better to have a minty fresh breath

* Missed parcel card – I either need to stay home more or stop shopping online 🤔

* Everyday essentials case – Full of little thing you might need

Oh so many exciting things in my bag, I’m surprised it doesn’t break, so let’s dig deeper and see what’s in the smaller pouches within my bag…

So here we have my everyday essentials pouch and contents.. So in here we have

* Hand cream – Soap & Glory hand food, purchased from boots £2.50 50ml

* Pocket tissues – Boots £1 pack of 6

* Carex hand gel – Boots £1.45 50ml (currently on offer for £1)

* Paracetamol – Never know when you might need one, especially with children

* Nivea Lip butter – superdrug £2.25 16.7g

* Lady’s emergency tin covered

I think that’s covered most of my everyday essentials … Now to dig into my make up bag (oooh exciting, I love makeup)

Firstly let me apologise for the state of my make up bits, they need a clean

Brush – I absolutely love these tangle free brushes, I purchased mine in Asda and they have many different styles for £6

Foundation – Maybelline better skin purchased from boots £8.99

Mascara – Rimmel London waterfall mascara purchased from boots £7.99

Blusher – Rimmel lasting finish mono blush purchased from boots £3.99

Bronzer – Loreal Paris glam bronze purchased from boots £10.29

Powder – Fit me maybelline powder purchased from boots £5.99

Lipgloss – Collection hold & lock lipgloss purchased from boots £2.99 (beatbox shade)

Concealer – Maybelline fit me purchased from boots £5.99

Eyebrow pencil – Loreal brow pencil purchased from boots £4.99

Nail polish – Barry M gelly high shine purchased from boots £3.99 (current shade I’m wearing for Spring is huckleberry)
I hope you enjoyed exploring through my bag with me today, I would love to know what exciting things you all have in your bags so please leave your comments below… Keep following to see what other findings I have during my Spring clean

Thank you for reading

Shaunna xx


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