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Teachers thank you gift

So as everyone knows it’s that time of year again where the kiddies are breaking up from school here in the uk, and as it will be a start of a new year in September it is always a nice gesture to make a small thank you gift for the teacher that has helped support your lilun for the past year. As a TA I know just how much effort us teachers put into making sure the pupils succeed and meet there aims each year. 

As this year is my daughters last year at nursery and she will be heading off to big school in September… Eek scary time for me. I wanted to make her teachers a little something different this year as sometimes wine and chocolates can get to much especially if they are receiving them from all individuals within their class. So this year I made them a little something with a personal touch.

These gifts ended up working out at a great value of £4 each which isn’t a lot atal but they have a personal touch and have had effort put into making. So firstly I need some bits to make my gift, these bits included a photo frame, scrabble letters, glue dots, glitter cardboard and a personal message that I choose to print (this can be optional as is also a lovely gift without the message)

I brought my frames from tesco at £4 each but got them on offer of 3 for 2 so saved myself a little money on them. You could use any kind of boxed frame for these as they all do the same job and you may even be able to find them cheaper. 

I then used scrabble letters which I purchased from eBay for £2.40 for 100 letters, I must warn you to read the description and check what letters are included within these 100 letters as I had 4 teachers to make for I had to purchase two bags to ensure I had enough letters. 

Finally I used some glitter cardboard which I used for the background, as I couldn’t find a pack of this I used a glitter gift pack and cut it to size which cost me £1. 

To make my gift I used glue dots to stick the letters to the cardboard frame that was included within the frame, I then cut the glitter bag to the correct size and stuck that to the back of the cardboard frame to fill the gap. I then made up some different personal messages for each teacher and printed them and cut them to size, I then glued them onto the glitter cardboard. 

This little and simple gift takes about 15-20 minutes to make, doesn’t break the bank, has a personal touch and is something different than chocolates and wine. 

My final product looks like this …

I also included a home made thank you card for each teacher which again could look nice used within the frame glued onto the glitter background. Again this saves the pennies and adds another personal touch. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope it inspires you with your children’s thank you gifts. Happy making 😊

Shaunna x


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