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July 2016 Birchbox review

Hi Everyone
For today’s blog I am going to review my new monthly box subscription called birchbox, who has teamed up with Millie Mackintosh to select exciting products for you to receive through your door each and every month… eeek how exciting.
I am a proper girlie girl and love my beauty products and trying out new things and will often been found in front of the mirror trying out new things or searching new styles online.
If you read my most recent blog you would of seen a review on the look fantastic box, as I am such a lover of beauty I am being greedy and subscribed to both of these monthly subscriptions.


So today I received my first birchbox which this month is the ‘Never-ending Summer box’ and I adored it as soon as I opened the parcel filled with a beautiful girlie design and lovely summer colours.  This box is filled with products that will make you looking summer-perfect no matter what time of year it is. So this month the box features a gorgeous LOC Lip pencil designed exclusively by Millie and a choice of a full-sized John Freida hair product choose from either ‘Frizz ease forever smooth anti-frizz primer’ or the ‘Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume In- shower treatment.
If your not excited about this box already I am now going to show you the 5 amazing products included in the ‘Never-Ending summer box’ including products from well-known brands and emerging brands.
So firstly I have to tell you about the LOC x Millie Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil
So this item comes Full size and a RRP £9 … Now as I said above I am a girlie girl and this Lip pencil came in a beautiful shade of Bohemian Rose which made me excited straight away “which girl doesn’t love a cute shade of pink” This product feels light on your lips and moistures lips lovely. The shade is a fun summer shade and instantly pretties your lips, that lasts all day.
Next in the box was the John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 day volume in-shower treatment
This item is full sized which is 100ml and has a RRP £9.99 … Now as I have dead straight hair it is very dull and has no volume to it at all which is why I choose the volume one over the anti frizz. Now I tried out this product to see if it works and I must say I can see results, usually my hair takes hours just to get a little hair to stand up but after using this product my hair feels gorgeous and I can see some volume in it.
Next I opened up the Nails Inc. Nail Varnish 
This item came in a travel size of 4ml and has a RRP £15 … The travel size if perfect for me as I always like to carry my nail varnish around in case of any chips that may appear, or if I’m going away for the weekend it’s easier to put a travel size one in the make up bag. I also find with a full size one it never all gets used and tends to start going funny so ends up going in the bin :/ . This product comes in many different shades and the shade you will receive is a surprise, I received Baker Street and I must say I was surprised I think I even eeekked, When I opened the box I was very taken back by the shade, the shade is a bright blue colour and I’m not one that likes very out there colours the closest I’ve got is either a hot pink or a coral and that was still daring for me. But I’m one to give things a try and I must say I was very impressed the colour is perfect for the summer season and glides on very well.
Next I opened The Hero Project – Hyasoft Instant Moisture Boost
This item came in full size of 30ml and has a RRP £19 … This product includes a blend of hyaluronic acid (which can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in moisture) and vitamin B5. Not alot of this product is needed as it has a good coverage and sinks into the skin instantly, this product makes your skin feel great and is a perfect make up base for the summer as it holds your make up longer. Which is needed in these summer days as our make up just feels like its melting of our faces.
The final product  was Paula’s Choice – Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Exfoliant 
This product came in a smaller size of 30ml and has a RRP £23.50 … This product is a great addition to any beauty routine as it is a great exfoliator and cleanses skin with ease. This product will have your skin looking clear, calm and oil free in no time. Applied on your face twice a day using a cotton pad with no need to rinse.
As well as these amazing 5 product it also includes a cute little bag to keep them all in, perfect for using for weekend breaks or to use for sun creams  for a trip to the beach this summer. Which has a little quote on stating ‘Best Day Ever’.
Birchbox x Millie Mackintosh – Monthly Subscription £10 plus p&p £2.95
Visit – – for subscription details or to purchase full size products.
Please remember the prices and sizes I have stated above is just as a guide as sizing and prices may vary depending on your choice 🙂
I hope you enjoyed reading this review on the amazing ‘Never Ending Summer Birchbox’
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Happy sunning 🙂
Shaunna x
Birchbox x Millie Mackintosh – Monthly Subscription £10 plus p&p £2.95

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